Mind Stroke (Ataque Mental): A poignant story about something many people believe: Things happen for a reason. Coincidences are not coincidences. When you do bad things, bad things happen to you... And some people will go through great lengths to make this view of the world stand.
Uno de Más (One Too Many): A drama that was runner up during IX Notodofilmfest (2011).
Una Reunión (A Meeting): Signed under a pseudonym, it features real events of meetings in a Bank. It was selected for the festival Curt Ficcions 2011 and FIBABC 2011.
Hungaria (Call Me/Call Me Not): First short film, selected for FIBABC 2011, and features a soundtrack by Latché Swing.
Muerte en el Restaurante Xing (Death in the Restaurant Xing): This short film was conceived on a Wednesday, shot on Saturday and finished on a Sunday for X Notodofilmfest.
Tenía Que Ser Hoy (It Had to be Today): A musical short film with original soundtrack by Rubén Julia (Fluzo)..
Pasos de Baile (Dance Steps): A short film that reflects my love for dancing.
Kizomberos (Kizomba): A short documentary about people who feel strongly about Kizomba, shown during the X Notodofilmfest.
Ten Fifty (Diez Cincuenta). A classroom exercise for my screenwriters clinic collaboration with Let's Make a Scene.
Heroína (Heroin): Cowritten with the Director, Raul Peña.